Carbon Cleaning Machines
Internal Carbon Cleaning for all Petrol and Diesel Engines

The Green Carbon Cleaning Machine
A reliable, affordable, lightweight and portable Carbon Cleaning Machine
that can run either on 12v or 240v

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UK Manufacturers of

Portable Carbon Cleaning Machines

  • Accidental Cover

    With our Silver Service Package should you accidentally damage the machine you have the peace of mind of knowing an exchange machine will be delivered to you allowing you to continue working whilst your machine is being repaired at our workshops.

  • A New Machine every 12 Months

    With the Gold Service Package - we believe we are the only UK manufacturers to offer our customers the chance to update their existing machine every 12 months with a new one containing all the latest modifications and updates on their model

  • Portable

    All of our machines are designed to be lightweight and portable allowing businesses to run both mobile and workshop operations.
    Powered using the 12v battery of the vehicle being cleaned there is no need to carry a generator in your vehicle.
    Our largest machine the XL weighs just 15kg with dimensions of 25 x 45 x 45 cm is still small enough to fit inside most boot spaces.

  • Bigger is not always Better

    Why our machines are specifically designed not to produce large quantities of hydrogen.

    Following several years of research and development with carbon cleaning and with the common misconception that more hydrogen being put into an engine must be better, we noticed a potential problem - the more hydrogen being put into an engine the more the temperature increased.

    This increase in temperature was then being magnified by the catalytic converter to a level where it had the potential to damage the active layers on the honeycomb within it.

    The optimal working temperature of a catalytic converter is between 350 and 400 deg c. Therefore, we have designed our machines to produce enough hydrogen to perform a successful clean whilst running at about 450 deg c - this small increase in temperature will not cause any damage to the catalytic converter.

    Rather like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut we know that  there are instances when a greater quantity of hydrogen would be beneficial
    i.e carbon cleaning trains but we believe that for most vehicle engines a slightly slower and more gentle approach to cleaning is better.

    We believe that it is important to offer our customers a machine that will be both effective and gentle on the engine.

Hydrogen enriched gas burns cleanly and unlike other cleaning systems the only byproduct is water

 Choose between the XL or the SP models depending on your requirements
- both machines come with a 36 month warranty with the option to extend

Suitable for both mobile or static engines. Engines should benefit from increased performance and power, be more responsive, have lower emissions, improved fuel economy and be smoother and quieter with less vibrations.

Should an engine be found to be suffering from a damaged component carbon cleaning will still have positive results but the full benefits will not be apparent until the damaged component has been replaced.

Todays modern engines and complex fuel systems mean it is even more important to keep the fuel system and engine running at the optimum level to avoid expensive servicing costs

We are currently looking to expand our worldwide operator/partner network. If you are interested in our products and would like to discover more about becoming an operator/partner in your country please contact us for more information

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